Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rules Conclusion

What could be better than happy, creative children who want to learn, love and play?  The list of rules is long, but in all it’s just for play.  We don’t live by tight rules. An occasional bouncy time on the bed or the couch happens, but not everyday.  I want to remember that my children are children.  They don’t need to act like little adults.  Polite yes, prim and proper always? No.  We encourage lots of play in the mud, bouncing on the trampoline while holding a hose, back yard adventures that include tipis, worms, and archery.  That reminds me of another rule, you must wear underpants under your Indian costume that you have made with paper, yarn and scotch tape.

We learned back when we only had two children, when our third went straight to heaven and not into our arms, that children are truly a gift from God.  They are not ours.  Even though we name them, care for them, play with them, teach them and all of those different things, they are not ours.  Each and every child belongs to God.  Each and every child has been put here, in our care, ultimately to be trained to serve Him, love Him and to point others to Him.  I don’t want to mold my little ones into what I want them to be, but rather what the Father wants them to be.  I want to teach them to yield their will to mine when they are young, so that when they are older they will yield their will to Gods.  Yielding of themselves won’t be a brand new idea.  

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